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Astrologer Deepak Batra

A globally acclaimed wizard in Astrology who assimilates Astro with Vaastu & fine tunes your future towards brightness and all round success.

A Gold Medalist in Astrology and bestowed with a Doctorate in “Vaastu Shastra”.

His unique slogan “ VAASTU VIGYAN KARE KALYAN BINNA THOD FOD BANE MAKAAN”, means he Rectifies Vaastu Dosh without destroying & demolishing any structures at your Home & Work Place.

  • He has toiled thru the ups and downs, in turn questioning himself WHY & WHY ME ALONE?
  • Sudden downfalls financially in business, WHY?
  • Highly educated parents having child weak in studies, WHY?
  • Highly qualified losing jobs and not settled, WHY?
  • How best to get rid of serious problems?
  • Any “REMEDIES” Answer is “YES” and in Deepak Batra.

His Unending Quest for Excellence in Astrology and related sciences gifted him with a Noble “GOLD MEDAL”. Then there was no turning back and he transponded with “Vaastu Shastra”. Later he was also awarded “VAASTU RATNA” award in Vaastu Shastra.

Dr. Deepak Batra (Ph.D Honoured) firmly believes that “FORTUNES” cannot be molded by just Astrology as it is an assimilated act of both Astrology and Vaastu Shastra. His joint team effort of Vaastu with Astrology transmits “FANTASTIC RESULTS”.

In a Span of around 15 years+ he has picked up an excellent reputation and goodwill amongst his old acquaintances in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jallandhar, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai & U.S.A.

His fans are highly indebted to him & make it a point to wish him “OM SAI RAM” every morning. This is the high level of regard they repose in him. In today’s materialistic world this is a “RARE EXAMPLE”, you can just imagine the HIGH FAITH & REGARD a FAN has, when he is Bailed out of his Ailments & Problems.

A simple and down to earth human being with unassuming “AURA & GLOW “around him. We may not be astonished if he Don’s the Crown of a “GODMAN” very soon.He has the right integrity, knowledge, wisdom and over flowing following as of now, it is very rare that a person of such Eminence moves amongst us.

If not speaking much a Once Visit is Recommended to all, Big & Small. Your visit will surely usher you into a “POSITIVE PHASE” in times ahead.

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