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vaastu consultant in delhi - Dr. Deepak Batra

Best Vaastu Consultant in Delhi- Vaastu Ratna Awardee Dr. Deepak Batra

100% Sampurn Maha Vaastu for Offices, Shop, Home, Land, Colleges, Industries

Dr. Deepak Batra, is born in small town of Jalandhar, Punjab on September 8, 1981. He had completed early education in Jalandhar. After completed graduation, he started research in Astrology & Vaastu science.

His consistent performance in astrology helped him to earn P.hd. in Astrology & Vaastu from Guru Nanak Dev University.

This degree motivated him to conduct depth analysis of the “Vedic Philosophy” to understand the impact of Vaastu on human life. He also share his finding with leading Vaastu publications & expert communities across the globe.

Dr. Deepak Batra Ji believes that no one should fear from Vaastu Dosh because it can be eliminated through good practices under the supervision of experienced astrologer cum Vaastu expert.

Dr. Deepak Batra ji an experienced Vaastu consultant/expert with 17 years+ experience in Vaastu Vigyan. His expertise in astrology makes his knowledge unique from others. His Vastu Shastra imparts knowledge on the standards way to live in a Safe Vaastu environment for anyone.

Being a famous Indian Vaastu Consultant, he is also enjoying thousands of followers from India and other countries like Dubai, UK, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and Canada.

By delivering Vaastu tips, his followers are enjoying success in business, property and other field.

Dr. Deepak is also an independent advisor & Vaastu consultant for CEOs, corporate houses, industries, NGOs and colleges. By adopting best Vaastu rules, he always makes best situation for all round success in Business & career. He also helped many famous personalities from depression due to Vaastu dosh & bad energies.

With a vision to clean Home, Offices and land from bad energies, he always uses best practices to set ideal and happy life for everyone. In his Vaastu professional, he transformed 1000+ houses & offices from curse of evil & destructive factors.

Apart from giving extensive help to Vaastu related customers, he also trained 100+ astrologers & Vaastu experts in India and other countries.

Vaastu Consultant Dr. Deepak Batra joined this field with a vision to create harmony, peace and happiness for everyone with 100% transparency. His followers always organized Vaastu seminars frequently in countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Dubai, Africa, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and all gulf nations.


Vaastu is based on the science of directions that makes association of all the five elements like Akash (Sky or pace), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air), and Prithvi (Earth).

If You want to make a Maha Vaastu for Home, Office or Land, then contact our Vaastu expert to book appointment over phone.

Five Element of Vastu

According to Vedic Vastu science, Vaastu experts are doing several practices to make your home free from all bad energies. It makes a good tuning & balancing five elements to bring enlightenment, happiness and prosperity.

Vastu Purusha Mandala

It is believed in Hindu Civilization that:

Brahma, the creator of the Universe and he experimented with the creation of a new creature.

Vastu Shastra Direction

According to Vastu Shastra Directions, the direction & location of deferent objects is predefined in this universe. You can find its detailed information in the 21st chapter of holy “Varasha Purana”.

Vastu as Science

All global Vaastu consultant agree that Vastu is based on the scientific study of directions, encouraging good natural energies & synchronization of balance for the all-round benefit of humans. Then, anyone can bring success with 100% guarantee.

Benefits of Vastu

Key benefits of Vaastu are as follows:

  • Success in business & career
  • Healthy life
  • Balancing family relationship
  • Love & affection among family members
  • Wealth and Prosperity.


Dr. Deepak Batra ji active in indian & foreign publications with Vision to make happy life for every common man.

Book Appointment with Vaastu Consultant in Delhi:

Feel free & contact Vaastu Consultant Dr. Deepak Batra Ji to remove all bad energies from your dream home/Office or newly purchased properties.

Vaastu Consultant Deepak Batra ji offering high quality of vaastu assistance using his unique divine and spiritual power. He always doing research to discover the best result for builders, financial institutions, educational groups, startups, private offices and residential houses.

Our effective vaastu helps you to improve your professional and personal life.

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Personal Growth

We are doing deep assessment of the client’s premises on following factors:

  • Selection of plot or building
  • Design & layout
  • Analysis of Energy in a proposed area
  • Adequate Detection of in energy flow
  • Remove Bad energies
  • Rectification
  • Filling new energy in a proposed building

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